Natacha Robinson-Balavoine


Natacha grew up in the vibrant artistic community of Saint-Paul de Vence, France, where creativity and expression were ingrained in her upbringing. Inspired by the art around her, she pursued her passion for art and design by studying at Créapôle Paris. She had the privilege of working on various interior design projects from Saint-Tropez to Monaco as well as abroad. These exclusive locations served as the backdrop for her expertise in high-end brands. She has collaborated with an international clientele, understanding their sophisticated preferences and ensuring their vision is brought to life. Used to work with exceptional goods, incredible properties, and yachts. She is well-versed in curating spaces that exude refinement and elegance, taking into account even the smallest details to create a harmonious and luxurious environment. Her passion for interior design is fueled by the endless possibilities to create unique and unforgettable spaces. The ability to transform a vision into reality, breathing life into spaces that transcend the ordinary and elevate the everyday experience. You can expect a professional approach and a keen eye for detail to ensure your design needs are met at the highest standards. With an unwavering passion for perfection and an extensive knowledge of the industry, the world of interior design becomes an art form, effortlessly combining aesthetics, functionality, and comfort.


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