I – Interior Project

Our process

At A/interior, we understand the importance of customizing a design approach that encompasses both the desires and personal style of our clients. By thoroughly examining every crucial aspect of the project that holds utmost importance for our client’s vision, we can develop a comprehensive interior design plan that accurately represents their uniqueness. Our ultimate goal is for our process to exceed all expectations, delivering a design that stands the test of time and possesses an enduring legacy.

01 The brief


From the very first meeting, we invest time in understanding the client and their aspirations regarding the project’s design. In order to achieve the most beneficial outcome, we effectively explore the artistic, financial, and logistical viability of the location or idea using our knowledge and experience, to attain the utmost favorable result.

02 Design development


At this stage of the project, we begin the detailed design development phase. We can refine and improve our initial concepts by prioritizing the needs of our clients, utilizing our expertise in spatial planning, and fusing it with our in-depth understanding of both the client and their property.
It can occasionally feel overwhelming to have such a wide variety of options available to us. We rely on our professional judgment and insights gained from our extensive travels in order to carefully choose furniture and finishes or even just to find inspiration.

03 Presentation

This is the moment, we use physical mood-boards, intricate drawings, and realistic visuals to present our design recommendations to our client.
The client actively participates in the presentation process, which aims to aid them in vividly imagining the project’s intended outcome.

04 Project management

The design and architecture team in charge of our project is responsible for overseeing the entire process from the initial concept to the final installation. They actively participate in regular site meetings to ensure that our designs are being executed precisely according to the specified requirements.
At A/interior, we provide comprehensive turn-key solutions and styling services.

II – Online Interior Design Services and Curation

Collaborate with your designer online on our easy-to-use platform.


See your space transformed online and collaborate with your designer to share what you like and dislike.
Your designer will swap out until your space is perfect.


After receiving your final 3D design as well as your site plan, a list of selected furniture can be purchased, with an exclusive discount from our partner suppliers. The offer is à la carte depending on the number of rooms.


Share your photos, plan and inspiration, in addition to the things you want to keep, so we can match you with the perfect designer for your space, style and budget.

III – For Rental & Investment – Package

The Package provides a comprehensive service, offering a wide selection of bespoke interior solutions for real estate or rental properties. The aim is to organize the interior of your property in such a way that potential buyers or tenants can imagine themselves living there. The aim is to accentuate the desirable aspects of your house or apartment by introducing a well-conceived and expertly executed decorating program. This package of services represents our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with exceptional design services, ensuring that the value of the property is maximized, a fundamental principle at the heart of our business.


Prices upon request

IV – Latest Interior Trends

Discover the latest interior trends that are taking the design world by storm, as showcased at Maison et Objet and the Milan fair. Dive into A/Interior’s carefully curated selection that embodies the essence of contemporary design. Stay ahead of the curve and elevate your space with the most sought-after styles and concepts. Experience the allure of contemporary chic and timeless elegance – let your space reflect the essence of the moment.


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