The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Colour Mixing Techniques in Interior Design


Congratulations on beginning your journey in the exciting world of interior design! I understand the struggles and challenges that come with mastering the art of colour mixing. That’s why I’ve written this comprehensive ebook of 76 pages, sharing all the secrets and techniques that really work. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to create harmonious colour palettes that will transform any space.

With the help of this ebook, you now have the roadmap to become a colour mixing expert in the field of interior design. By understanding colour theory, mastering harmonies, and experimenting with different techniques, you’ll be able to create breathtaking spaces that reflect your personal style. Remember, the key to success lies in practice and experimentation. So, take this knowledge, apply it to your projects, and turn your visions into reality.



Chapter 1: What is Colour ?
– The role of colours in life
– Colours’ wavelengths
– How do we see them ?

Chapter 2: Colour temperatures
– Harnessing the effects of warm and cool colours in different areas
– How to create a focal point
– Techniques for creating depth, height, and width using colour

Chapter 3: Colour Exposures
– Choosing the right colour harmony for different interior spaces and exposures
– Visual tricks and techniques
– Explore the power of colour to visually manipulate space

Chapter 4: Colour History
– A little bit of history
– Additive and subtractive synthesis

Chapter 5: Colour Wheel
– Learn about the colour wheel
– Discover the secrets behind complementary, analogous, triadic …etc colour schemes
– Techniques for achieving balanced and visually appealing colour harmonies

Chapter 6: Colour Theory
– Uncover the basic principles of colour theory
– Discover the psychology behind colours
– Discover the Feng Shui meaning behind colours

Chapter 7: Colour Inspirations
– Mood boards showing various styles
– Step-by-step boards on various styles
– Colours use and furniture exemples for each style

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